Mt. Airy Tech IT Services, Coaching, Consulting

Mt. Airy Tech is a small business dedicated to improving the daily lives of our clients through better engagement with technology.

Whether you need a full service personal IT department, help with a specific project, or technology coaching and training to build your skills and confidence - Mt. Airy Tech is the solution! We provide expert services for your computer, mobile phone and tablet, home office, and more.

Based in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of northwest Philadelphia, we make house calls throughout the greater Philadelphia area and conduct remote work worldwide.

While we are comfortable on the bleeding edge of tech, we also have extensive experience working with older and/or less technical clients at a pace that is both productive and respectful.

Rates are $125 per hour. One hour minimum appointment. Discounted rates are available on projects of a certain scope.


Please get in touch to schedule your appointment, I look forward to hearing from you!

- Fitzgerald Putnam, founder